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Double rotor air motor, high starting torque, safety, longevity and robustness, can be operated without lubrication. If you wish to […]

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Main advantages : High, immediate and reliable starting torque Smooth running Important speed variation Reversibility Stall possibility (tightening applications) Ferry’s […]

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Air motors need to be powerful, compact, and well designed. That’s how our motors are.

Having a knack for innovation, we design and manufacture cutting-edge rotary vane motors.

Building pneumatic motors and their parts and accessories for years, we take pride in offering the best vane air motors in terms of quality, power, speed, and longevity of the service life.

Our durable vane air motors can be used in a variety of products and machines. A complete range of pneumatic motors are available for use in industrial machinery, tools, electric equipment.

We offer a series of rotary air motors, varying in RPM, torque, and power. Whatever your needs, our powerful, high-speed motors will cater to them all.

Benefits of Our Air Motors

An air motor does not need electricity. A compressor compresses the air which is pumped into the vane motor. The motor in turn produces mechanical energy. Here’s what sets our motors apart from others:

We also can also manufacture an oil-free product for your specific use.



 Simple Design

Simplicity is the first trait of great technology. Our simple, well-balanced design ensures that the vane motor is easy to maintain and clean. Because of this simple design, one can easily replace spare parts that need to be changed. This is our service offer.

ATEX-Certified Vane Motors for Volatile Environment

Unlike electric motors, pneumatic vane or piston motors neither require electrical energy nor produce sparks. They are a safer choice in the volatile atmosphere and for mining applications. You only need a compressor or several compressors that can be located outside this area.

Our ATEX-certified vane motors are explosion-proof and self-cooling. They can also endure a high pressure of water without corroding or shattering.

Variable Speed and Torque

We have a broad range of air motors having different speeds, torque, power, and size. Although there are various models for multiple purposes, you can vary the speed of any vane air motor by adjusting the flow of air. Other neutral gas (nitrogen, argon…) can also be used.

Easy to Mount

Our light, weightless motors can be installed effortlessly on any kind of equipment or machinery. They are compact and robust. We also provide related accessories like brakes, reduction gear, and controllers so that the rotary vane motors are the solutions to your multiple requirements.

Stainless and Compact

Our innovative design makes the vane motors compact and light-weight. They can, thus, used in hand-held tools and other equipment where a large electric motor won’t fit.

Moreover, our vane motors are made of stainless steel, which prevents them from corrosion, increasing their service life. Our products also include oil-free and oil-injected models.

Customised for Your Applications

Vane air motors are ideal for a multitude of industrial and mining applications. Depending upon your use, we have a series of models tailored for different products and machines. They vary in speed, torque, power, lubrication, etc. So choose the one designed for your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information about all various ranges of pneumatic motors, air motors, and even double rotor air motor.


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